Saturday, July 31, 2010

If it ain't broke don't fix it....

I have been struggling with designing my own background for my blog, and I have come to realize that somethings are better left alone. Once upon a time I had a blog and was able to make simple changes to it and it was easy. Now it has to be difficult. I can't say that what I have is exactly what I wanted. The title isn't centered and I don't like how my picture repeats itself but I am not a computer programmer.

In case you are wondering the photo/background image, is the river outside my back door. Some of you may recognize it. It was a hazy day out, I think there had been some ditch burning. I really like the muted orange of the sunset.

I don't have any pictures of myself, as I am usually the one behind the camera and the most recent ones taken of me are my friends and I in Key West. We have decided what happens in Key West stays in Key West. So I posted one of the few pictures that I have of grandma, great grandma and myself, mom is in there too. Four generations. My cousin Kim and I are the only ones who have pictures like that, as Great Grandma passed away long before my youngest cousins were born.

This June I took some pictures of my cousin who just graduated high school. She was in a rush and I made her get dressed up because I would miss her grad. We took the pictures in under 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy my beautiful cousin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm working on it....

I am working on my blog trying to make my own layout for it. I just can't stay up late like I used too! Life here has been busy. Aside from a major computer crash at work the kids have reached the "I'm bored." stage of summer vacay. So Tuesday, to combat the "I bored" blues we made cards for the Prairie Fairies challenge this week. Number one son made his on his own, but got some help with the sentiment.(Sons are not allowed to touch my computer) Number Two Son coloured his own picture and made executive decisions on where to put what.
Chantilly Lace - Image"the 50's Sweethearts" from the Greeting Farm

Number Two Son's Creation
Number One Son's Creation - Sugar and Spice and everything nice